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We have sold thousands of stones to many satisfied customers.

Please find below comments from our clients worldwide.


Just to let you know that I have recieved my lovely parcel of rubies.  I am meeting with my client tomorrow and will also have a good look at them myself and choose some to keep.

Thanks Zoe UK


Exciting moment - first ring made with certified fairtrade, fairmined gem - a Tanzanian teal spinel via @rubyfaircom

Belinda Wildacre UK

Thanks so much for the info, we received the first ruby today and it looks great.

Sara USA

Thank you for those details Kate!
I recieved the Ruby this afternoon and it looks wonderful! I'll let you know how the ring looks after I have set it! :-)

Kevin Aquino Australia

Erin Cox ‏@ErinCoxjeweller
@rubyfaircom such great work! We are a friendly bunch in #exeter proud to work with your gems.

Erin Cox UK

Thank you so much for the very responsive customer service. It arrived this morning and I was able to finish the piece in time for my dad to be able to pick it up a week earlier than planned .

Hazel Ryan UK

@rubyfaircom It seems it always takes me ages to get round to setting your stone! they're aways worth the wait though!

Chris Boland UK 


The rubies have arrived and we are very happy with them, they are indeed very good examples.
Many thanks


Richard and Erica UK


The Ruby arrived and the customer is very happy with it. A very nice stone – thank you.

  Melinda Nugent FGAA Australia

'Hi Gary,
Just a quick note to say the Rubies arrived safely and are great.I'm really pleased with them,and have sent you some excellent  feedback.I am going to use these gems in jewellery for a webstore which I hope to open in the near future,and I'll mention
your  website as the source of the Rubies :)
Anyway,thanks again,
All the best,

 Weirdcraft UK


"@rubyfaircom Great to meet you at IJL2012! Keep up the great work! Hope to see you at Goldsmiths' Fair Week 1:)"

Kristjan Eyjolfsson ‏@KEFineJewellery UK


"Thank you to @GemsFair & @rubyfaircom You do a great job"

Jon Dibben @JonDibben UK


"I just wanted to thank you and Gary for the purple spinel. I had been meaning to try one of your spinel but hadn't really got around to it so it was a great chance to see one. Ill definitely be adding them to a collection I'm developing."

Ben Manning B.Des, Director, Australia


"V excited to have bought my first fairly traded/mined gemstones from @rubyfaircom - swoonworthy teal spinels. Amazing   stones,amazing story."

Belinda Norrington ‏UK


"Just got word that my client's wife loved her new Fairtrade/Fairmined gold earrings set with @RubyFaircom rubies!"


 Amanda Li Hope ‏@AmandaLiHope UK

"Thanks for coming along today, I absolutely love the stone :)"

Katy Sephton. UK

"They really are very lovely stones; I am excited to share them with my customers!!!"

Tamara at Mcfarland designs. USA


"Ive just got off the phone to a friend of mine-Mr.Kiran Singh of A.K.A. Bespoke in Manchester who put me on to you.Ive had some cabochon rubies from him in the past which he informs me,came from you.I would just like to thank you for the quality of the stones and the ethical thoughts that go into your business."

Mr.J.MacDonald, Director-Niiro Arts. UK

"I finally have some photos of Sakura (my piece using your beautiful spinels) Your new site is looking great! !"

Sam, UK

"Thank you for the Spinel, they look great. Hope to be buying much more from you in the near future."

Melinda Nugent FGAA, Director, Ethical Jewellery. Australia

"Just to say the rubies arrived today, and they are really beautiful! very pleased."

Bow. UK


"Just to let you know, my Rubies and Sapphires arrived this morning - they are beautiful, I hope I can do them justice!"

Sam. UK

"@rubyfaircom Definitely my new favourite. Beautiful subtle colours, good refractive index. I love them!"

@ErinCoxjeweller Erin Cox . UK

"Thank you for your help and advice, in the end we decided to go to Julie Anne Palmer in Bristol (nearer to us) and she made up a lovely ring with a rubyfair ruby she had in stock and a diamond eternity ring that I had and never wore. So all in all a very good result."

Sue. UK


"Thank you once again for the way you handled that last transaction. The customer is very happy. Once the ring is finished I will send a photo.'

Melinda Nugent FGAA, Director, Ethical Jewellery. Australia 


"I am a bespoke jewellery designer from UK and have used Rubyfair products which are good quality , natural and good value. I have found the company really helpful and friendly to work with. It is great to find a supplier who is ethical and caring for the workers at the bottom of the pile."

Charlotte Cornelius. UK


"I just picked up the sapphires from the post office - thank you! they are all fantastic. thank you very much for all the extras - I wasn't aware of the web offer, so it's a nice surprise. I can't wait to make up the earrings. I don't have a website just yet, as I am just starting up, but I will certainly send you photos of the finished articles. I will be able to make more, so you will be welcome to add to your website."

Kate Butler. UK

"The rubies arrived – thank you, they are beautiful. Very happy with them (love the cabochon) .
I will definitely send you photos of the finished pieces and really hope that I have more business for you in the year to come."

Melinda Nugent FGAA Australia

"I think it's really great that you are running an ethical operation and supporting the community in which you are mining. I hope more and more people care about buying from a company like yours."

Young.  China

"The stone arrived. It's terrific. Thanks so much. I really like promotional material you sent as well. I hope we get to meet one day, it sounds like we would have a lot in common. I really admire the progress you and your team have made, especially being from outside the industry."

Shane. USA


"Thank you very much for your excellent service. The package arrived this morning as expected. I am very pleased with your service, and thrilled with the lovely bonus gift, and shall be recommending you."

Nicola Robertson. UK