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Why Untreated?

Gemstone Identification a British company with Tanzanian partners explains why unheated and untreated stones are so important.

Before ordering a stone please ask yourself the questions. Do I want a genuine rare gem stone ? If yes, do I care where the stone came from and what conditions it was mined and cut in ? If you answer yes to these two questions read on ; if no then an artificial / treated untraceable stone will be cheaper and better suited for you. You will not find them here. only sells Ruby and Sapphire in their pure natural, untreated form from its own mine in Tanzania. You can see what you are buying , see where its come from. We dig and sieve them from our mine, cut and polish the rough stone and import them. Thats it.  We do not fracture fill, chemical treat,  glass fill, kiln heat or in any way attempt to enhance our stones. Untreated stones have a substantial premium over a treated and enhanced Ruby from another source, but this is perfectly understandable and acceptable to those who appreciate true rarity and natural, not man-made, beauty.

Fortunately, it is possible to determine if a stone has been treated or enhanced in an atificial way, so a buyer can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing they own a completely natural stone.  There are a few internationally recognised laboratories in the world that attest to a stones natural origin (such as Birmingham Assay Office, American Gemological Laboratories, GIA, Gubelin LabSSEF of Switzerland and SEAMIC Southern and Eastern African Mineral Centre), and if required can provide a certificate from one of these labs supporting this fact (this will be done at cost).  Of course, should the buyer choose to use another laboratory of their choice for certification, they are free to do so. We undertake independently random certification of randomly selected stones which are available for inspection.

Gem Identification ReportAlthough natural Rubies are becoming increasingly rare, usually has a wide range of gems in various cuts, colours, sizes, and clarity levels. Please view the collection online, although as we are constantly mining, if you don't find a stone or stones that meets your need please contact us to outline your exact needs and wishes.  Remember that approximatley 99 percent of Ruby you see will have been either heated, treated, filled or a combination of the three . Please compare like with like.

Photography of stones.

The stones you see on the site are all photographed by someone who was a photographer long before being a Ruby miner. They are all shot in natural light on a solid background with no enhancement via photoshop. Obviously any image may vary from computer to computer and if you are unhappy with your stone please return it for a full refund within 14 days. We show the stones many times enlarged which means you see the stones "warts and all" showing many inclusions and surface scratches which will not be visible to the naked eye but we think this makes it fair to the viewer. Please when viewing stones online ask yourself the question does this look like a real picture of a gem stone ? If not it has probably been enhanced via computer . Watch out for cartoon like images as they may have been manipulated to show a gem in a false light.